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Looking for dependable service for your PC or peripheral devices?  Call Electronics Plus for help!  Here's some quick solutions:

1.  Are you experiencing Internet pop-up problems?

    We highly recommend that you download, install and run weekly the program called Malwarebytes.  This FREE program eliminates MOST adware, spyware and pesky malware pop-ups.

2.  Are you experiencing virus problems?

    First we highly recommend making sure you have a virus program (Norton, McAfee, Trend Micro, Kaspersky, CA Security Suite, etc.) installed on your PC and that it has current virus definitions installed.

    Make sure your virus checker program is automatically scanning all incoming and outgoing emails as well as updating itself while you are on-line.

    Some viruses will need to be removed manually or in some cases, a system reload is necessary.  We can help you with that.

    If you are a residential Road Runner customer,  there is available to you a FREE Antivirus and Firewall product called CA Security Suite.  Call Time Warner directly with your username and password information available and they will assist you with the FREE download and installation of this helpful software.

3.  Got a dot matrix, inkjet or laser printer in need of repair? 

    Many times, a professional cleaning or maintenance kit installation is all your printer needs to keep it working for years to come.

    For instance, the Hewlett Packard DeskJet printers can begin to make a grinding, banging and/or knocking noise and stop printing.  We can perform cleaning procedures that will restore the printer and keep it working.

    Often, when a Hewlett Packard LaserJet printer experiences print quality problems, installing a new toner cartridge will eliminate many problems.  However, if the problem persists, we can help you diagnose the problem over the phone before service is required. 

4.  Need help getting online using a dial-up, wireless or high speed connection?

    We can help you get connected.  We partner with several service providers in the area.  We install wireless solutions for your home or business as well. 



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Last modified: September 20, 2010